As part of our Mission to improve Construction Contracting via our Education Programme, we are very proud to offer a series of White Papers for you to download FREE of charge. To receive updates and notifications of the latest papers, reports and blogs, why not sign up to our newsletter at the foot of the page?

Our White Papers should be read by all UK and Internationally based Funders, Developers, Clients, Design Teams, Contractors and Specialist Sub-Contractors who want to minimise risk, have better commercial relationships and have a real desire to conduct their business without unnecessary conflict and the waste it produces.

They are also useful for parties interested in advising or supplying services to construction and those studying in the field of construction or building.

The volume of downloads and international acclaim received to date, are a testament to how important the content of these White Papers are. Make sure you get your copy today.

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Get Your Free White Papers

The New UK Construction Act  – What You Need to Know about Payment Notices, Pay Less Notices and the other changes that came into force in late 2011, click here to download in PDF format.

The 10 Commandments of Pre-Contract – 10 Things you need to know and do before signing that contract, click here to download in PDF format.

10 Commandments of Post Contract – 10 Things you need to know and do after signing that contract, click here to download in PDF format.

10 Commandments of a Dispute – 10 Things you need to know and do if you’re heading for or already in a dispute (to follow)

We hope you find these White Papers useful, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs at any time or if you wish to give us feedback, then this would be greatly welcomed.

What your peers around the world are saying about our White Papers

“As a lawyer dealing with contract management and domestic and cross-border dispute resolution I appreciate these contributions very much. Yosof’s conclusions therein are precise and to the point and reflect my experiences concerning both, advisable preventive measures in contract-drafting as well as the strategic considerations to be taken into account before letting a dispute “crystallise“.”

Mr Gernot Fiebiger, Associated Partner, Neudorfer Rechtsanwalte GmbH, Austria

“About the white paper, I find it very interesting and useful. I have been working in the field of contracts for ten years and I can say that your paper could be considered as a reference for all lawyers specialised in that field.”

Ms Faten Hanna Al Kass, Lawyer & Legal Consultant, Al Kass Law Office, Syria

“I downloaded the White Papers and found them very useful. In actual fact the bit about reading the contract couldn’t have come at a better time. I was tendering and after reading your paper I read the contract. I am so glad I did because I picked up on a very unwelcome Clause in the contract and had it removed. If you’re a contractor you need to read these free papers. What a great idea.”

Mr Derek Corner, Managing Director at Cornerstone Network Services

“I have found the 10 Commandment series of white papers very useful and have the Dispute Resolution one on my wall and have given one to my Project Manager. I look forward with interest to the Post Contract one being issued and the Construction Act ones so that the differences and updates if not known, can be briefed to my Ops team.”

Mr Scott Thomas, Senior Quantity Surveyor at Birse Rail Ltd

“I must say that if contractors will spare just even two minutes to glance through your paper, it would go a long way to help them. I really enjoyed reading that piece of work carried out by ConstructPRO. Well done.”

Mr Isaac Amoah, Senior Quantity Surveyor at Franklin & Andrews Ltd

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