Because prevention is always better than cure, we want you to contact CPUK before you agree to a contract.

At CPUK we anticipate the conflicts, manage the contract acceptance process and bring clarity and honesty to the table from the outset. This is our aim.

We realise we live in an imperfect world and disputes can still happen, but we do everything in our power to prevent this. This is why we work in a transparent way, always adhering to our core value of ‘respect’.  That way, when you bring CPUK in prior to signing a contract, we will often be able to prevent conflict before it occurs.

Our Dispute Prevention service is exactly the same as the insurance you buy for your business.  In fact, think of it as reassurance that the contract you’re about to agree to is going to lead you to a long-term, successful and profitable business relationship.

When you have the option to choose a new, more productive way to work, why would you want to risk going down the same
old, destructive, conflict-ridden paths.

Contact CPUK now to find out how to avoid conflict and make dispute prevention part of your business model because each project is an asset to your business.

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