Remember: Prevention is always better than cure.

CPUK Restore Balance in contract relationships at any stage in the project life cycle.

There’s a better way of doing business in the construction industry and you’ve just found it. In the world of construction and infrastructure projects, disputes are often the norm. Relationships between once trusted partners often become soured through the confusion of complex contracts and heightened emotions.

But it doesn’t have to be this way….

As founder and Managing Director of CPUK, Yosof Ewing and his team of experts are passionate about forging new ways of fixing and strengthening working relationships. Prior to becoming a professional dispute resolution specialist, Yosof’s father lost his business due to a typical contractual dispute so common in the construction sector.

Uniquely, dispute prevention is at the heart of CPUK’s service. 

Their cutting-edge process is specifically designed to bring clarity and simplicity to complex projects.

Because prevention is better than cure….

When you, like many other construction and infrastructure businesses already have, engage the services of CPUK, you are engaging with a company whose core values are embodied by its’ owner and founder, Yosof Ewing.

Yosof Ewing



Whatever industry you’re in – oil and gas, construction, renewables, civil engineering, utilities or infrastructure, we respect you and your business.


 Sometimes we need to tell you the hard truths and we will.


Our mediation, adjudication, negotiation and conflict strategy processes restore balance to your business, allowing you to work freely and make profit.


No matter how difficult the circumstance you find your project or business in, CPUK’s team will find a clear path through the knot and weave together more successful working relationships.


  Is at the heart of every dispute we anticipate, manage or repair.

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